About Us

PAGO PAGO captures the essence of what it is to be a female with freedom. Beautifully cut pieces which are versatile enough to match the moods and emotions of women of all body shapes. Intentionally understated, this minimalist look allows styles to be worn and layered with a sense of freedom as the fluidity of the fabrics provides an experience of effortless elegance. PAGO PAGO has ageless appeal, which cannot be found on the High Street, shopping channels or any other on-line store.

The PAGO PAGO brand, which was established in 2003, produces four collections a year. The label is positioned for the middle market in terms of price points, but is upmarket in design, make and fabric quality, giving real value for money. These elegant designs take the PAGO PAGO woman from day into evening wear without breaking stride. The PAGO PAGO Label is entirely manufactured in the UK ensuring the highest standard of quality through direct control of the whole production process.

Good quality clothing made entirely in the UK

The team behind the PAGO PAGO label is headed by a family which has been creating textiles in Leicestershire for over forty years – being involved in all stages, from yarn to finished garment. Throughout these many years, they have built relationships with the very best artisans in spinning, knitting, weaving, dyeing and printing. Such enduring partnerships, in an industry about which they are all so passionate, help set the perfect conditions for the continuous and creative evolution of the business.

Mission and Ethos

We have come to regard our many customers as friends, and we wish to provide them with women's clothes that combines the very best fabrics with honest-to-goodness value in terms of design, quality, fit and price. In other words, our single most important goal is to bring good, wearable fashions by means that are both fair and ethical to you, our customers, our friends.